(English) Advocacy

For us, the term advocacy refers to how by sharing information we can work with communities, service providers, organisations and government to continue to build positive change for Cambodia’s most vulnerable children. 

At local, national, regional and international levels we work to change policies, practices, and structures affecting the most vulnerable children. Through our current global campaign, It takes a world to end violence against children, we seek to create a global movement of people committed to keeping children safe from all forms of harm and violence.  

Within Cambodia we work to focus specifically on creating positive models of discipline with schools. Children should be able to attend school without the fear of physical, emotional or psychological punishment. 

Social Accountability

World Vision Cambodia started to implement social accountability programmes in 2012 to empower local communities to work together with service providers to achieve improved local services.

In partnership with government, World Vision’s Social Accountability programmes work to help communities understand government policies and then collectively work to ensure local service providers (e.g. health centers, schools, etc.) are meeting the required delivery standards. This approach helps improve local governance and sustain the good progress registered by the Royal Government of Cambodia and development partners in Cambodia. 

With the support of the government and multilateral funding partners, World Vision has continued to scale up social accountability programmes and each key programming theme; Integrated Nutrition, child protection, education, and youth includes social accountability activities and skills to contribute to the achievement of the programme’s objectives.

 As a result, our social accountability programming contributed to improving the quality of the delivery of essential public services for almost 2 million people in 2018 through 3 project models: Implementation of the Social Accountability FrameworkSocial Accountability for Child Protection and Citizen Voice and Action.


It takes a world to end violence against children

We believe in a world without violence against children. Our global campaign wants to change the reality for the 1.7 billion children who suffer from violence every year. It happens in every country, city and community and steals childhoods, eroding the human and social capital of a country. Our campaign provides a platform for people to speak out, call for action, and play their part to end violence against children.